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26 June 2015 - It's time to invite you all to enjoy a sample from our debut album "The art of deception" which has been being forged for more than 14 months and now finally is about to be released. Soon we will have more news, so stay tuned!. Check out the video here.

01 January 2015 - The day has come!. Our album begins to take definite shape and here is the cover art by Gustavo Sazes. Check out the full tracklisting below:

01.Origen. 02.Lapidus. 03.Dead Nation. 04.Deceiver. 05.Sick and Tired. 06.Over The Masses. 07.Dominated. 08.Black Arrows. 09.The blinding Sanity. 10.Slave/Reborn. 11.The grand Opressor

01 November 2014 - We are proud to announce that the artwork for debut album is in charge of Gustavo Sazes who has been responsible for the art of bands like Morbid Angel, Arch enemy, James LaBrie, Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne) between others.

30 July 2014 - All guitars and vocals are done! 10 song recorded in Maq Records. Wojkowice, Poland. Now is time for production.
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19 April 2014 - All drums for our debut album recorded at studio Perlazza. Poznan, Poland. Watch More...


Deadpoint was conceived in 2011 in Wroclaw, Poland. It started as a project by Lukasz Jurkiewicz (guitar) and Michal Wasilewski (drums), but only after the addition of Michal Rybak on guitars and chilean singer Cristian "Gato" Segura, did they become a real band in 2012. With this lineup, they recorded a 5 song demo/Ep during 2013, and subsequently released their first video, for the song Dominated. From that moment on, the band started to build a name in the local scene and gaining fans, especially after taking part in the WACKEN METAL BATTLE and in EMERGENZA FEST, both well known contests for emerging bands. Starting 2014, the band was urgently in need of establishing a definitive line-up, and they found the perfect candidate on Marek Kordas, who played before in 2 local bands (Presidents of Noise and Domestic Waste). Now, as a brand new breeding machine, the band decided to make sure to engrave their name into the metal scene. The first step to do so was to start the recordings in 2 polish studios: PERLAZZA STUDIOS and MAQ RECORDS. They chose danish sound mixing engineer JACOB HANSEN ( Evergrey, U.D.O, Pestilence, Volbeat, Destruction, Heaven Shall Burn) to be in charge of mixing and brazilian artist GUSTAVO SAZES (Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, Gus G.) to direct the art, thus assuring through this unholy alliance to make a good starting point for their career, The result was a 11 song album entitled THE ART OF DECEPTION, to be release in july 2015. Although the band does not want to be labeled and restricted stylewise, their work could be summarized into a kind of groove, core and thrash metal mixture. Their upcoming album THE ART OF DECEPTION is a unique blend of brutality, groove, melody and surprising composition. Deadpoint redefines the genre of thrash/groove metal and updating it with a fresh attitude and vigor. The 11 songs are not only composition themselves, but the whole album is a consistent unity.


From left to right: Michał Rybak (guitar), Marek Kordas (bass), Cristian "Gato" Segura (vocals), Łukasz Jurkiewicz (guitar) and Michał Wasilewski (drums).


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